The sky was beautiful when we met,
Though our love was undisclosed as yet,
I started feeling for you,
As the birds sang when we reset.

The journey started with an amaze,
Our love came out like a blaze,
I let myself die for you,
But still there was an empty place.

The days went by like paper in the wind,
Our love grew like it was winged,
I was shocked to be loved,
But soon it all got dimmed.

We felt the connection was concrete,
Building to fight our own fleet,
It turned out to be a dream,
When you started to retreat.

Falling for each other was a great dive,
Our love was a crazy drive,
I waited for that one loving yes,
But you proved this was never enough for me to survive.

You always had number of teams,
With many to be as supporting beams,
I stood there alone till the end,
Because, yes! I had many dreams.

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